Each year the H+U+D initiative sponsors (1) an undergraduate Gateway Course that introduces the multidisciplinary study of cities, (2) two undergraduate City Seminars, one devoted to a North American city and the other to a city overseas, which examine the city in a detailed, multidisciplinary way, (3) a mixed undergraduate/graduate Anchor Institution Seminar, which examines the activities of one of the Philadelphia institutions that reflects and serves the city’s diverse population, and (4) a graduate Problematics Seminar, co-taught by Design and SAS humanities faculty, on a topic that grows out of the collaborative work of the H+U+D Colloquium.

ARTH571/CPLN572: Modern Architectural Theory-Urbanism


Fall 2020



A survey of the literature of urbanism from the late eighteenth century to the present. The discussion of original texts will be emphasized.  Students will be responsible for guiding one day of class discussion and writing two papers: (1) a 3-page essay that links one of the texts to current urban issues (due March 4) and (2) a 10-page final essay that analyzes the discussion of an important topic (for instance, monumentality, social sustainability, nature) in at least three of the readings (due May 8). More guidance for the papers will be provided separately.


David B. Brownlee,  Shapiro-Weitzenhoffer Professor, History of Art (SAS), and Zhongjie Lin, Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning (Design)


Thursdays, 1:30-4:30, via Zoom