Humanities+Urbanism+Design Junior Fellow for 2021-2022, Graduate Fine Arts Department Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

Ewa Matyczyk earned her PhD in the History of Art and Architecture from Boston University, where her doctoral work focused on public art in urban spaces of the former Eastern Bloc during the Cold War and post-socialist period. Her research interests include issues of memory, identity, public space, and the relationships that form between public art, the built environment, and their intersections with the theory and practice of everyday life. Her book project, Intervention, Memory, and Community: Public Art and Architecture in Warsaw Since 1970 examines a series of exhibitions, performative interventions, monuments, and public art initiatives. The book traces the political, social, and cultural transformations of the last five decades in Warsaw and considers how such changes are represented, omitted, and problematized in the urban landscape. In 2019 Ewa worked in the Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture where she researched the city’s commemorative landscape. She is also a dedicated educator who employs a pedagogy of care that foregrounds the interwoven values of community, generosity, and gratitude. She has taught at Boston University, Northeastern, Suffolk, Boston Architectural College, and at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.