H+U+D Junior Fellow Syantani Chatterjee’s co-edited series for Political and Legal Anthropological Review (PoLAR) launches

H+U+D Junior Fellow Syantani Chatterjee has co-edited an online series with Natasha Raheja for the Political and Legal Anthropological Review (PoLAR). The series, which recently launched, focuses on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019 (CAA) in India. The CAA was signed into law amid nationwide protests. This series was an attempt to capture that moment of immense civil mobilizations all over India that continued until the pandemic-induced emergency curfews shut them down. Through a set of 15 contributions, as editors, Syantani and Natasha tried to explore the possibilities of solidarity, and limits thereof, of civil mobilizations of this magnitude. They also explore the potential for questions of citizenship to persist as both an ideal of formal equality as well as a mechanism for the elaboration of social inequity.

Here is a link to the series:

Protesters hold placards at a demonstration against Indias new citizenship law in Mumbai on December 19, 2019. – Indians defied bans on assembly on December 19 in cities nationwide as anger swells against a citizenship law seen as discriminatory against Muslims, following days of protests, clashes and riots that have left six dead. Photo by PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP via Getty Images.