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Student Research Awards Colloquium Presentations

Jaffe Art History Building, Room 113

This year H+U+D granted twelve student research awards, which assisted field research for masters and doctoral students in both the Weitzman School of Design and the School of Arts and Sciences. Over the course of three weeks at the beginning of the year, the H+U+D colloquium heard how the travel grants enriched the research of the awardees.

The presentations were as follows:


January 27, 2023

Qiran Shang

Presentation Title: The Lailai Ballroom: Queering Postsocialist Dance Spaces in Shanghai, 1987-2018

Alejandra Romo

Presentation Title: The Production and Construction of Social Infrastructure for underserved communities in Mexico, 2017-2022

Charles Starks

Presentation title: “Encountering Chinatown Heritage in Model Cities Singapore and Vancouver”

February 10

Vy Trịnh

Presentation Title: One Take/ Take One

M.C. Overholt

Presentation Title: Promising Subjects: N. Phyllis Birkby and the Writing of Queer Architectural History

Jane Robbins Mize

Presentation Title: “Swamp Stories: In Florida with Zora Neale Hurston.”

Wadha Almutawa

Presentation Title: ‘Collaboration’ in the works of Lady Allen of Hurtwood


February 24, 2023

Lenin Lozano

Title: Daniel Ferreira’s Rebelión de los oficios inútiles and the urban imagination in rural


Sean Gower

Presentation Title: Intimate Announcements: Music Salons and the Culture of the Home in Mexico City, 1864-1911.

Ran Yan

Presentation Title: “The “Super-system” of Urban Settlements in Qing Mongolia (1691-1921): Tibetan-Buddhist Center, Qing Outpost, and Fenced Market.”

Chrislyn Laurie Laurore

Presentation Title: Back-to-Africa Heritage & Archaeology