Each year the H+U+D initiative will sponsor two undergraduate City Seminars, one devoted to a North American city and the other to a city overseas. The seminars will examine a single city in a detailed, multidisciplinary way that includes humanities and design. In addition, H+U+D will sponsor a graduate seminar that will be team taught with faculty from design and humanities disciplines. Topics for this seminar will be an outgrowth of the H+U+D Colloquium and change from year to year.

COML 603/ARTH 781-Does Architectural Theory Define Architectural Practice?:


This seminar links architectural and aesthetic theory with practice. Through a review of writings by academics and practitioners, students will identify distinct theories and evaluate their influence on practice. Co-taught by Professors Jonathan Barnett, City and Regional Planning and Liliane Weissberg, Germanic Languages and Literatures