Associate Professor of Romance Languages, Undergraduate Chair of Comparative Literature, French School of Arts and Sciences

Andrea Goulet is Associate Professor of French in the Romance Languages department at the University of Pennsylvania and Co-Chair, with Corry Cropper of BYU, of the Nineteenth-Century French Studies Association (NCFS).  She is the author of Optiques: the Science of the Eye and the Birth of Modern French Fiction (Penn, 2006) and has co-edited journal issues on “Visual Culture” (Contemporary French Civilization) and “Crime Fictions” (Yale French Studies).  Her forthcoming book, Legacies of the Rue Morgue:  Space and Science in French Crime Fiction, 1866-2006, explores scientific discourses (cartography, geology, geography) and urban spatiality in modern French crime fiction from Emile Gaboriau to Fred Vargas.  Current research projects include a study of neurological science in the fin-de-siècle French fantastic and an essay connecting Eugène Sue’s Les Mystères de Paris (1842-3) to the television series The Wire (2002-8).